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Our Bee Smoker Fuel was reviewed on BeeHacker.com and was found to be Tom's "new favorite" when it comes to smoker fuel options.  :)

Bee Smoker Circles.What's the Best Bee Smoker Fuel to Use to Smoke Your Bees?

When it comes to working your hives, having the smoker go out every couple minutes is never fun. In a top ten list of the most common frustations, questions and concerns within beekeeping, you'll very likely find questions about the proper, best and longest lasting smoker fuel options within the top 5, every time.

So, let us help you out. Here are the keys for finding a smoker fuel that works best.

Make Sure Your Smoker Fuel:

  • Is a natural fiber (man-made materials are harmful to bees)
  • Smolders and doesn't flame up (having a fuel that burns too hot can harm the bees)
  • Is easy to light (spending extra time lighting is never fun)
  • Keeps smoking and doesn't go out easily (relighting should be the last thing you have to worry about while deep in a hive)
  • Doesn't have any chemicals or harmful substances on/in it (you don't want your fuel to hurt your bees or contaminate your honey supply)
  • Is easy to find (the last thing you want is a fuel that's hard to get when you run out)
  • Is affordable (you can't afford to roll up dollars and burn them - or you could do that - but most folks can't, so find an affordable fuel that meets all your needs)

Best Choices for Smoker Fuel:


  • Pine Needles (flame up & burn quickly)
  • Raw Cotton (difficult to get)
  • Corn Cobs (tough to light; must be DRY)
  • Tree Leaves (burns up quickly)
  • Cedar Chips (hard to find)
  • Wood Pellets (difficult to light)
  • Wood Chips (tough to light)
  • Tree Bark (can be hard to light)
  • Cow Patties (yuck; must be very DRY)
  • Compressed Cotton Fiber (difficult to light)
  • Straw (insecticides; quick burn)
  • Hay (be cautious of local insecticide use)
  • Grass (caution of local insecticide use)
  • Burlap (careful of plastic blends)
  • Twine (beware of insecticides)
  • Newspaper (not recommended; ink)
  • Cardboard (no way to know content)
  • Denim (not recommended; dye)



Two of our first (of MANY) retailers said our smoker fuel was:

"The Best Bee Smoker Fuel I've Ever Used!"

(and they've both tried "EVERYTHING" during their decades in beekeeping;
from pine needles, denim, raw cotton, burlap, compressed cotton fiber, etc.)

For a Bee Smoker Fuel sample pack, please purchase it below. Each sample pack will include 12 ounces of fuel - split between the three types:

Bee Smoker Circles: Our top-seller and best fuel. These 100% cotton 8" circles are uniform and slow burning/smoldering heavy-weight knit terry textile. They never flame up. Each is guaranteed to burn for 30 minutes (but typically burn for much longer). 4oz sample.
Bee Smoker Yarn: 100% cotton thread that has been cut off the spools - no need paying for a cardboard tube. Easily pull out the amount you need, light and get your smoke on. 4oz sample.
Bee Smoker Cut-Offs: Our "cut-offs" are simply that. In cutting the 8" circles from rolls of knit terry, we have areas of heavy-weight cotton textile (connected diamonds) that are left over. You can cut the amount you need, light it up and smoke away. 4oz sample.
Bee Smoker Cut-Offs.
As low as: $3.00/pound


Sample packs sound great... What's the cost? ONLY $3.95! This fee simply covers the cost of shipping, payment processing fees and packaging. Your sample pack is truly FREE (limit one sample pack per address)!!

Sample Pack:


Not sure what to use when smoking your bees? Let us help...

We know you'll love our smoker fuel and after you've tested out your sample pack, we trust you'll be back to order a 2 pound bag or a full box of bee smoker circles, yarn or cut-offs. We've got three quality products at very reasonable prices. If you are a retailer of beekeeping supplies, please contact us for wholesale pricing - with ample room for markup & profits.

*Free shipping is to the continental USA only. If an order is placed from outside the contiguous US, we will place it on hold until payment is made for the unpaid/remaining shipping fees.


What's the Best Bee Smoker Fuel to Use to Smoke Your Bees?