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Bee Smoker Cotton Circles

Our top-seller and best fuel. These 100% cotton 8" circles are uniform and slow burning. You'll receive approximately 10 to 12 circles per pound (varies based on weight of textile/thread used). From our testing and our customers' feedback, "they're the best smoking fuel available!"

Our heavy-weight knit terry is such a great stitch with a slow burn/smolder. Once lit, they never flame up. They simply smolder and smoke. Just like you want in a smoker fuel. Just fold into a "flower" with the loop-side in, light the top edge and drop into your smoker.

Bee Smoker Circles.

We knit this 100% cotton terry, textile right here in North Wilkesboro, NC, from North Carolina spun cotton yarn. These circles were simply a "random idea" that our marketing manager had one day that has worked out so great for its purpose. His dad is a beekeeper, so they were inspired by his memories of days long gone, helping his dad "work the hives" and the all-too-familiar smell of burning cotton. Now, you can grow your profits or enjoy your hobby and share the love of beekeeping with your kids and grandkids, too.

We hope you'll find them a valuable asset in making honey, money and memories, alike.

We Take the Sting Out of Buying Bee Smoker Fuel

If you have one hive or 100, you'll love our pricing on these awesome smoker circles.

Bee smoker circles are available in shipments perfect for your beekeeping needs:

  2 Pound Bag:
Free Shipping* - $6.50/pound
Package Size:
  8 Pound Box:
Free Shipping* - $6.25/pound
  20 Pound Box:
Free Shipping* - $5.00/pound
  50 Pound Box:
Free Shipping* - $4.00/pound

Bagged and custom labeled bee smoker fuel.Smokin' Bees Just Got a Lot Easier, Better, Efficient and Affordable...

We've got a quality product at a very reasonable price. If you are a retailer of beekeeping supplies, please contact us for wholesale pricing. We even custom label each 2 pound bag with your logo/brand - at no additional cost!

*Free shipping is to the continental USA only. If an order is placed from outside the contiguous US, we will place it on hold until payment is made for the unpaid/remaining shipping fees.

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