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Bee Smoker Circles.Wholesale Bee Smoker Fuel: Circles, Yarn and Cut-Offs

We think you'll love our smoker fuels and will likely agree with two of our wholesale customers, with over 40 years (EACH) in the professional bee keeping industry, who called our bee smoker circles...

"The Best Bee Smoker Fuel I've Ever Used!"

(and they've both tried "EVERYTHING" during their many years in beekeeping;
from pine needles, denim, raw cotton, burlap, compressed cotton fiber, etc.)

We Take the Sting Out of Buying Bee Smoker Fuel

If you have one hive or 100, you'll want to try our smoker fuel. If you are in the retail market and currently retail beekeeping supplies, we think your customers and your business can benefit from our smoker fuels.

Wholesale pricing is available for all three varities we currently offer:

Bee Smoker Circles: Our top top of the line and best fuel. These 100% cotton 8" circles are uniform and slow burning/smoldering heavy-weight knit terry textile. They never flame up. Each is guaranteed to burn for 30 minutes (but typically smolder for much longer).
Bee Smoker Cut-Offs:

Our "cut-offs" are simply that. In cutting the 8" circles from rolls of knit terry, we have areas of heavy-weight cotton textile (connected diamonds) that are left over. We cut them down into a smaller, usable size and they're ready to burn.

Bee Smoker Cut-Offs.
As low as:
Bee Smoker Yarn: 100% cotton thread that has been cut off the spools - no need paying for a cardboard tube. Easily pull out the amount you need, light and get your smoke on.
Bee Smoker Strips: 100% cotton fleece strips


Smokin' Bees Just Got a Lot Easier, Better, Efficient and Affordable...

Contact us today (email is best/easiest) and we'll send you wholesale pricing for our bee smoking fuel. Pricing will include:

When You Need to Smoke Your Bees, Think BeeSmokerFuel.com